Since 2014, Red Stag, LLC has been a leading provider in bulk dairy transportation and logistic services.  We are structured to optimize both savings and service to our customers. We started with 3 trucks, but have increased our fleet throughout the years.  In 2015, we acquired a yard in Portales, NM which allowed us to service local dairies.  Currently, we have been expanding in six different locations.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the transportation industry in safety, service, and integrity.

When we transport our customers’ products, we make sure that the safety of our community, employees, and customers are all at the forefront. We want everyone to go home safely that day to their loved ones. 

Red Stag, LLC wants to optimize savings for our customers, while emphasizing innovative technology to deliver the load efficiently.  

Red Stag, LLC’s integrity is another core value that we take very serious in any relationship that we have. We are a company that can be trusted and have continued respect for our customers, contractors, and employees. 

Our team continues to analyze productivity, assess risk, and research new technology to incorporate in our daily activity to provide the best service to our customers. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to safely transport a customer’s perishable commodity. We have the experience, technology, and passion to deliver value and to provide an exceptional experience. 

All customers want their product moved efficiently within a given window of time. Here at Red Stag, LLC we communicate to our customers from the time we receive, in transit, and when it is delivered. Communication is key to have an impeccable on-time service rate.